COVID-19: We Can Beat it

Beating the virus requires collective action. It’s imperative that everyone follows the rules like staying clean, washing the hands frequently, maintaining social distance etc. Initially, they might appear challenging, but they aren’t hard to practice.

Yoga: Bending it to Infinity!

As the world celebrates the fourth International Day of Yoga, it’s time again for this ancient art of inner blossoming to be in the spotlight. Thanks to the global patronage over the last four years, the acceptance and popularity of yoga has broken many barriers. The wide array of applications, expectations and perceptions demonstrates its versatility as the super-cure for the ills of the modern world.

The Wow Factor in Life

The fear of the unknown is a very common human tendency. Most people are constantly engaged in making sure that their world plays out just like how their mind would imagine. However, the reality is that there is no possibility for growth without embracing the unknown. When we shut off the mystery or awe factor in life, we not only curtail growth, but also unknowingly make life mechanical. Just like there is no fun in watching a game whose result is already known, life will also be very boring...