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Responding to the global Coronavirus pandemic

meals distributed to over

daily-wage dependant families

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gurudev’s message

The Coronavirus is definitely a catastrophe for the world, but it doesn’t have to mean the Apocalypse. Despite the dark clouds of gloom, silver linings are emerging bright enough to bring hope. This is what we need to focus on. This is a temporary phase of uncertainty. Mankind has fought against and prevailed over such threats before.

All of us need to be careful but there is no need to panic. On the other hand, let’s not be complacent either. Accept this challenging situation and see how you can use it constructively. Perhaps, Nature wants everybody to slow down a little from the rush they are in.

reaching people in need

Recognizing that the most vulnerable population during the Coronavirus lockdown would be the daily wage earner and migrant labourers, Gurudev launched the campaign “iStandwithHumanity” on March 25th, days within the announcement of the lockdown.
Donate to daily wage earners through IAHV
In India there are an estimated 121 million daily wage labourers according to an ILO study. These people would be the most affected with the lockdown without food, shelter and the means to make a living.

75,122,069 meals to over 2.5 million families in India as of May 13th, 2020


75,122,069 meals

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mental health

Gurudev recognized that the fear and anxiety of the pandemic, the stress from the lockdown and isolation; and the uncertainty about the economy, jobs and future were affecting people’s mental health and well-being.

Gurudev immediately launched the #WorldMeditates campaign. Millions around the world have been reached on social and broadcast media through these efforts.

Gurudev spoke to different segments of society suggesting everyday solutions for lockdown; providing tips for health and immunity; guidance on leadership and working from home; strengthening relationships and taking care of children and teens. He also ran special sessions for healthcare workers and frontline responders around the world.

  • 2 meditations/day guided by Gurudev online since March 22nd

  • over 37 million views since the lockdown

global outreach

live meditations


sessions per meditation

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has reached millions worldwide carrying a message of peace and hope. Each of the sessions has been viewed by an estimated 2 million people across 144 countries. The sessions have been running non-stop, twice a day during the entire lockdown period.

From industry to influencers, from artists to artisans, leaders and laborers, have been joining every day. In particular the frontline workers and the medical community have taken solace and breathed a little easier.

specialized online courses

The Art of Living Happiness Program, which has been taught in person to millions across the world, has been adapted to a new online platform, accessible from anywhere. Initially offered to the busy healthcare providers, it was soon offered to everyone.

Trained Art of Living faculty have been conducting numerous online sessions to provide access to anxiety and stress relieving tools to people in the comfort of their homes.

On May 13, a special Online Meditation and Breath Workshop was launched for medical professionals who are on the front line in the fight against the COVID pandemic.

open up in lockdown

A new series of talks with practical tips by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to turn the most common challenges into assets to upgrade yourself during the lockdown.

fun activities provided a sense of relief

#WomenOnStrike #LetMenCook

Gurudev challenged the men to cook and asked that the women go on a “cooking strike”. This challenge came as a break for the women who usually cook and a creative task for the others who usually don’t.